March 9, 2019    Howard Johnson


 2019 03 1

Don Hooker and Jackie sit with the new people and their son.


2019 03 2

Bob Boardman, Terry, Bill Scott, Will and Kate Ruhland, and Jim Schiller enjoy dessert with Bob and Christina Hamilton.


2019 03 3

Tim and Sean join us for the first time.


2019 03 4 

Club President John Into, and Secretary Nancy Into, with Bob Boardman talking to Chris Brown.


2019 03 52019 03 6

Hank and Andrew did a great job explaining judging.


2019 03 7

Howard,  still eating delicious Super Pot Luck, while Ray Maul is having pineapple upside down cake.


2019 03 8

Jill Seagraves and Bruce Ogden, – everybody said they had a great time.


2019 03 9

Hail, hail, the gang is all here plus Will Biddle and Lois Duffy, in the background.


2019 03 10

Host and hostess, Howard and Cheryl Johnson, glad to have an excellent turnout and no rain!


2019 03 11

Everyone circulates among the cars and boats, some with fresh varnish smell.

ACBS Judging Meeting